ChemInform Abstract: Traceless Directing Group for

Trevor Harris, Gabriel dos Passos Gomes, Ronald J. Clark, Igor V. Alabugin, Domino Fragmentations in Traceless Directing Groups of Radical Cascades: Evidence for the Formation of Alkoxy Radicals via C–O Scission, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 10.1021/acs.joc.6b01052, 81, 14, (6007-6017), (2016). Arene C–H functionalisation using a removable/modifiable However many directing groups cannot be easily removed/modified from the products after C–H functionalisation, thus limiting the structural diversity of the products. This limitation can be overcome by employing removable/modifiable or traceless directing groups which can be easily attached to the starting materials and detached from the products. Functional Group Tolerant Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Jun 19, 2013

Stereospecific nickel-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions of benzylic 2-methoxyethyl ethers are reported for the preparation of enantioenriched 1,1-diarylethanes. The 2-methoxyethyl ether serves as a traceless directing group that accelerates cross-coupling.

Aug 17, 2011 Stereospecific Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions Aug 18, 2015

A highly efficient and general protocol for traceless, directed C3-selective C-H borylation of indoles with [Ni(IMes)2] as the catalyst is reported. Activation and borylation of N-H bonds by [Ni(IMes)2] is essential to install a Bpin moiety at the N-position as a traceless directing group, which enables the C3-selective borylation of C-H bonds.

Redox‐Neutral Manganese(I)‐Catalyzed C−H Activation A strategy is reported in which traceless directing groups (TDGs) are used to promote the redox‐neutral Mn I ‐catalyzed regioselective synthesis of N‐heterocycles. Alkyne coupling partners bearing a traceless directing group, which serves as both the chelator and internal oxidant, were used to control the regioselectivity of the annulation reactions. Cobalt-Catalyzed Selective Synthesis of Isoquinolines