GILMOUR MFG. CO. v. COM. SMITH, Judge. Gilmour Manufacturing Company (Gilmour) petitions for review of an order of the Board of Finance and Revenue (Board) that denied Gilmour's petition for a refund of a portion of its 1991 corporate net income (CNI) tax.

Vigil v. Fogerson, 2006-NMCA-010, ¶ 56, 138 N.M. 822, 126 P.3d 1186 (filed 2005) (internal quotation marks and citations omitted). "An abuse of discretion occurs when a ruling is clearly contrary to the logical conclusions demanded by the facts and circumstances of the case." Sims v. Sims, 1996-NMSC-078, ¶ 65, 122 N.M. 618, 930 P.2d 153. Scotland criminal law assault Flashcards - Gilmour v McGlennan (1993) Attempted robbery with a toy gun, claiming it was a joke but caused fear of immediate injury and convicted of assault Mackenzie v HMA (1983) GILMORE vs. GILMORE, 369 Mass. 598

Gilmour v McGlennan On appeal, threatening gesture causing fear and alarm can amount to assault (toy gun in car) 6 Campbell v HMA Firing shotgun at trespassers. Accused was convicted of recklessly discharging the shotgun - indifferent/disregard to consequences. 12 W v HMA

HMA v Helena Edwina Happell and Mary Hawthorn. At the High Court in Glasgow today, 18 October 2018, Lord Matthews sentenced Helena Happell to 4 years and 11 month imprisonment and Mary Hawthorn to 4 years and 3 months after they pled guilty to assault …

Kearney v HMA 2007 HCJAC3 | University of Glasgow

NOTE OF APPEAL AGAINST CONVICTION BY SCOTT LESLIE … The court considered the same quartet of cases as was cited by the present appellant (Gilmour v HM Advocate 2007 SCCR 417; HMA v A 2005 SCCR 593; McBrearty v HM Advocate 2004 JC 122; E v HM Advocate 2002 JC 215) together with authorities from other jurisdictions. However, it remained steadfastly opposed to any relaxation of the general rule Gilmour v HMA 1994 SCCR 133 | University of Glasgow Gilmour v HMA 1994 SCCR 133. Add to My Bookmarks Export citation. Type Legal Case Document Is part of Journal Title Gilmour (Joseph Gary) v HM Advocate (Evidence) Preview. This item appears on. List: Advanced Criminal Litigation (DPLP) Section: Corroboration Next: Campbell v Vannet 1998 SCCR 207 Gilmour v Her Majesty's Advocate: HCJ 12 Jan 2012 - swarb