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Here are some tools, activities and ideas to think about to help make your digital experiences fun, engaging, respectful and inclusive for all! Grade level: Middle School, High School Did you know? More than one-third (36.5%) of young people ages 12-17 have been targets of cyberbullying over the course of their lifetimes? Young people face identity-based bullying, assault and harassment based Mar 05, 2020 · Our digital devices are no longer really devices. They are part of us. They augment our lives and our bodies, but the way we interact with them sucks. For the level of features and intelligence, we now demand from our digital services, the interaction models of buttons, menus and even gestures is inadequate. Our Digital Lives: At Home and School UPDATE: Smarter Technology Use. Thank you to Health and Wellness Chair Fabiola Green for arranging our January 23 presentation: Smarter Technology Use: Executive Functioning and the New Frontier, by FCPS psychologists Dr. Ellen Goldberger and Dr. Josh Kefer. Feb 12, 2015 · From vinyl records to toys: the return of analogue products in our digital lives We live in the digital era, yet the desire for tangible, physical objects persists, with companies reporting good Apr 12, 2020 · Apart from the several innovations that we described, there an infinite number of digital tools that positively affected every sphere of our lives. If we look from the global perspective, technology helped the whole society to develop, and reach higher levels of education, more effective industry, improved health system, and many more.

What late poet Seamus Heaney’s last text tells us about our digital lives The short text that the Nobel-prize winning Irish poet sent to his wife before his death says so much about the magic

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The Unbearable Untidiness of Our Digital Lives. Never-ending notifications. Pull-to-refresh rewards. There's no escape from surveillance capitalism. Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

In our digital lives, privacy is expected but trust is earnt. By Synergy Thursday April 9, 2020. Our lives are digitised. We interact digitally so often and, in such depth, that it is difficult to imagine for some, or remember, for others, what life without our digital twin would be like. My smartphone can tell you as much about me – my Finding Realness, Meaning, and Belonging in Our Digital Lives IRL, Chris Stedman's personal and searing exploration of authenticity in the digital age, shines a light on how age-old notions of realness--who we are and where we fit in the world--can be freshly understood in our increasingly online lives. Stedman offers a different way of seeing the supposed split between our online and offline selves: the Who owns our digital lives? - Streamr - Medium