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What is an Open Port, and Why are they Dangerous? May 14, 2020 Port numbers | Deep Security Transport Protocol Destination Port Number Service Source Purpose Configurable? Proxy configurable? TCP: 4122: HTTPS: Manager, Agent, Appliance, or Relay: Relay-to-Relay communication and Agent-to-Relay communication for synchronizing Deep Security Agent software installers and security package updates such as anti-malware engine and signatures. How To Find Proxy is Http or Socks - Stack Overflow

What Is The Difference Between A SOCKS Proxy And An HTTP

Introducing SOCKS5 Proxy, a New Service Feature From IPVanish Sep 13, 2016 HTTP vs Socks Proxy: What’s the Difference? - Blazing SEO

Introducing SOCKS5 Proxy, a New Service Feature From IPVanish

List of TCP and UDP port numbers - Wikipedia Port number may use the protocol conditionally only, or alternate its use (fallback if the other protocol fails). Port 22 Port number doesn't use the protocol, but may use the protocol on another specified port (e.g., port 22). N/A Not applicable or currently unassigned port number. For unassigned ports, the port number may be available for Dynamic Port Forwarding with SOCKS over SSH | ssh –D port_number user_name@remote_host (for example: ssh –D 8080 dimitar@ And then the only thing that is left is to configure your application to use SOCKS. Look at the Firefox setup below as an example (Step 7). If your client is a Windows box, you have to install an ssh client. PuTTY is a good ssh client for Windows and it How Socks 5 Works - Nov 16, 2011